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Oct. 7th, 2011



More Pyc developments

A little snippet from the first section of prose in the Tal'verse. I have no idea if this is staying the way it is. It's a little rambling on purpose, to highlight how young he is, but also I feel like I'm not really getting where I need to with it. It seems to make sense to me, but I know the whole plot so I don't think that really counts. So it would be really helpful if you tell me what you got out of it so I can make sure it's working...


Sep. 30th, 2011




A ridiculously short piece detailing the sunset from my character, Pyc's eyes. Pyc is the Lord of the Underworld and Aero, the Sun is his lover. When it's time for night, Aero dies and sinks into the Underworld and Pyc gets to see her, but he can't kiss her because when he does she'll be brought back to life and rise again.

Title: Sunset (not very creative, I know)
Genre: Fantasy
Medium: poetic prose
Rating: PG

It's ridiculously short! Read it! It'll take you like ten seconds or less. And comments are always nice if you can spare another five.


Jun. 17th, 2011


Aurelia segment 3

Kalvin jumped when Rallen walked up to his chair and looked at him dejectedly. The Second got up and ushered his cousin to a chair, making him sit. “What happened? You went off to talk to her, after waiting a month, and now you’re here looking like everything is over.”


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May. 27th, 2011


More Aurelia

A serving girl buttoned the back of the dress Aurelia had taken from the tower and then stood back.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Highness.”

Aurelia lifted her skirts and left the mirror, not delaying long to look upon her image. She already knew she was feeling much better, and she had seen the shine returning to her eyes for days. Her magic was growing again. Now she knew her child, better than most women did who were without a magic wielder to tell them.

And she was thankful her child was to be safe. The gender of her baby only mattered in that a girl would survive being inside her body. A boy would not survive the type of magic that flowed through her being.


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Apr. 28th, 2011


(no subject)

Eli moves back to California after his girlfriend tries to kill him during one of her 'transitions'. He thinks he might be able to live a normal life, but the corruption of the world he works in threatens that. Not to mention his mysterious attraction to the strange and beautiful Olivia Stone.

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Apr. 6th, 2011


The design of fear (Sorry it's crazy long but comments appreciated!)

I could hardly breathe, let alone think about what I was doing, all that filled my head was the thought of running. The lactate was building up to an almost unbearable capacity in my thighs but still I knew I couldn’t stop.

As my heart tightened and my sight became blurred I took time and turned to glimpse back at the man who had been pursuing me for what felt like an age. His eyes were shining red and his lips just starting to lift into a snarl over his inhumanely large canines.

And just as I turned to focus once again on the direction I was running, something changed in the corner of my eye. I looked back, and where the almost insane looking man had been standing but seconds ago now stood an enormous towering wolf of almost unfathomable size. The bright red shining eyes and piercing jet black pupils of the unknown man stared back at me, and what felt like into the deepest parts of me.


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Feb. 5th, 2011


New story...again

So, I'm putting another new idea in writing, and I wanted to know what people thought about it.


            Sun filtered through the canopy as Aurelia knelt by the river, carefully tucking her skirt beneath her. She reached into her small bag and took out the clay pot inside. It wasn’t much, and it was very worn, but it was all she had. 

            The river was running low, with the heat drying everything out, so she had to lean down to try and scoop water into the pot. Just as she reached the water, her stomach fluttered and her hand shook a little.

            “Pop,” was all she heard as her clay pot struck a rock and broke into pieces that floated away on the current.

            “Oh,” she groaned in dismay. That was the only cook pot she had. Bringing her arm back up, she stared at the piece still in her hand, and then let it drop with a sigh as she stood. “Well, since lunch is a little more simple now, I might as well go eat and continue moving.” With another big sigh she stood and started walking to where she had set camp for lunch. “I may have to do something drastic. I won’t last long without a cook pot.”

            Aurelia sat down and took the last pieces of bread and cheese from her bag, ignoring the oatmeal that was there. It made her sick unless boiled. The meager meal was enough to touch on her hunger, but not much.

            “Oh, Oral’di, what would you think now? Reduced to begging, always on the move for fear your enemies might find me. How I wish I had you here to keep me safe.” She wiped sweat from her brow and looked up. It was just past midday, and thankfully the heat would lessen as the day wore on. “Time to move on. I think I saw some walls while I was by the river. Best to head there; see if I can beg anything. I wish I didn’t have to.” She laughed. “I talk too much.”

            Dousing the small fire she had intended to cook with, and making sure her bag was secure, Aurelia set out, heading West. Hopefully by the time the sun was low behind her she would begin to see a little more civilization.





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Feb. 1st, 2011



Mr. Darling

I don't really know if this technically counts as Fantasy... It's a dystopia that definitely wouldn't be possible in real life, though, so... *shrug*

Anyway, I'm kind of looking for a critique or whatever because I've never written something like this before and I want to know how I did.

Title: Mr. Darling
Rating: R
Warnings: rape, dark themes, dystopia

Prompt(s): dystopias; "What would it be like to live in a world where we didn't respect our environment, our homes, our schools, our roads, or each other?"

Summary: In Erica’s world there was no such thing as a good person. Respect and integrity were obsolete – things only mentioned in the fairytales no one wanted to read. Erica read fairytales. It was a foolishly courageous thing to do.

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Jan. 19th, 2011


Arielle pt 15

Holy s***! I can't believe it's been this long since I last posted.


            My next conscious act was a groan. My body and mind were both sore. I opened my eyes to darkness, wondering how long I had been out. I got out of bed, stumbling to the door and opening it. The outer room was so bright it blinded me for a few moments, and I blinked to clear away the stars in front of my face.


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Jan. 8th, 2011



SciFi "What If" Flash Fiction: Evolution


At first it caused an incalculable occurrence of ailments: sickness and a chronic tiredness, uncontrollable demons which grew inside one’s very own body. Babes died before birth and minds refused knowledge. In our foolishness, we thought it merely a test of our worth.

When at last the hellish maladies had passed, we’d thought ourselves proven right and that soon we would become immortal like the Gods. Soon we would bleed naught but the liquid metal that was now steadily leading us into the Heavens.

It was Mercury, named for the Messenger and surely brought to us by him. We took it in a moderate dose with each meal. Gradually each dose grew larger, and each meal smaller. Before long there was no meal, only metal.

In just four months the plagues returned and departed. Thereafter, we lived gratefully in perfect constitution. We were nearly holy and we reveled in it, lorded it over the heads of the peasants we commanded. This higher level of purgatory, this blissful stasis, has lasted us for generations. Only now are we beginning to feel our stagnation.

Mercury has stopped coming to us and we are quickly depleting our stores. We will soon starve.
For eons my people had no desire for a scientist, in fact for no thinker at all. As Mercury fled them, they came to me crying and begging on their knees in their noble’s purple. ‘Save us’ they beseeched me, and to save them I promised.

I am dying now, though I have found my people their cure to death. It’s a simple answer we’ve held all along. Humbly, eternal life comes from things that grow and the animals we slaughter for sport. It comes in death; only then can we ascend to meet our makers. I will not go there, for I am not human, nor are any of us. Endeavoring to become like the Gods, we have mutated into beings they cannot recognize and so cannot love.

My people won’t be cured. I will die here and then cease to be. This is the sad result of Evolution.

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